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I've been lucky enough to have not only tried my hand in many different areas of photography, but have also found some that I thoroughly enjoy and have pursued with interest and enthusiasm, whilst drawing inspiration from many sources, including my peers.

I'm an internationally published photographer, including print publications such as Nail and Beauty Magazine (Fr) and GL (US), Digital Photo (UK), as well as Ideal Home Exhibition at Christmas (London, UK 2012), The Clothes Show Live (Birmingham, UK 2012), Teen Queen (UK 2012) and commercial clients such as Sparkles-Print-A-Nail and the music artist Jessie Ware's performance coverage during Lounge On The Farm (UK 2013). I have been doing this for over 2 years now and enjoy every moment behind the lens.

Expanding both my knowledge and artistic standards are equally as important as the enjoyment and I am a self-confessed information junkie; when I want to learn about something, I want to learn all there is to know about a subject. Thankfully photography is a never-ending learning process.

Fashion, Nudes, Portraits - these are the three categories into which I divide my work. But it is not quite as simple as that, for a fashion photo can be a nude, and vice versa, and a nude can also be a portrait.

I love photographing people. I am a studio and location portrait, and glamour/nude portfolio photographer and find there's just something interesting about a face or the shapes a person can pose with their body. I'm interested in fashion photoshoots and runway and whether a shoot is nude or clothed, I find I draw much of my inspiration from the fashion and music worlds (see which you can spot in my portfolios!). And yes, although I have mostly worked with female models so far, I would happily work with male models as well.

I have plenty of crazy ideas that I am yet to put in-front of the camera and I'm always open to suggestions from models. I like collaborative work styles. I prefer to play some tunes on set! I hope you do too! Feel free to get in touch.